i can predict your mother's name if you say yours father's name...

so reply me..i have one miraculous mathematical calculation..

it will calculate yours mother name using yours father's name..

come on reply me with your father's name...

Okay, I'm game, my father's name is "Piet"

I'm putting my 5 bucks down on "Truus"

okay my fathers name is Vernard (vern for short)

Me too, my mother's name is Anja.

My father's name is Jesus, so whats my mother name?

please wait guys..i will tell you..

before that i need much more posts like you..

so come on guys tell your father's name..

finally i will tell you each..

wait..looking for more names..to verify the accuracy of my prediction..

Are you try to steal email accounts with the security questions?

i dunno bout that but i dont use my fathers name as a security check for my email LOL

Are you try to steal email accounts with the security questions?

what is the use of stealing email account for me?


ok guyz i expected more request but i didn't get...

ok now i reveal how do calculate mother's name using father's name..

ie, just add Mrs. as prefix to yours father's name then u can get ur mother's name..

eg: father name is Jesus then mother name is Mrs.Jesus..

how is it? :):)

I think you're a mathematical genie :D


there just has to be a joker in every crowd! hehehehee