how many hours aday are you huys on the computer :idea:

An average of about 2 hours or so.

same here..i ws just wondering lol

Twebty four some days. None at all others. But on average, my main work system runs 24/7 and I'll be at the console on and off over a 12 to 16 hour period. I write IT tech professionally, research and interact with my workplaces online, and spend time at the PC actually writing the stuff I get paid for. Working hours are flexible for people such as me, and everyday life is fitted into it when necessary :D

I've just taken a break, for example, to chat socially with you, and I'm about to head off to pick up a washing machine that's been in for repairs. But the system stays running, and I'll return to a new set of alerts that have popped up for me to deal with :)

Same here.
Up to 10 hours a day at the office and another 4-6 hours at home during weekdays.
Weekends, anything from nothing to nearly 24 hours a day depending on what I'm doing.

OTOH during vacation time I often choose locations where there are no computers (and often no phones, televisions, radios and newspapers) at all.

Agreed. I relish 'back to nature' vacations, and also the several weeks each year I spend up at my lakeside hut, with only a laptop and no internet connectivity, writing when I'm not fishing :)

7 to 12 hours on week days. About 0 to 12 on weekend days or days I dont work but most of the time it's about 0 to 4.

I'm on mine all day long. I take a few breaks here and there, maybe take a bike ride, play a little, and stuff like that. My computer stays on 24-7 because I'm either on it, or on a short break away from it.


My servers are on 24 x 7, and I tend to be on them anywhere from 2 - 4 hours after work. Sometimes I run with the laptop, and watch TV or a movie while surfing or whatnot.

Weekends? Rarely. And not on Friday night.


Way too many LOL and since I got broadband it's been worse.

*wonders if she should see someone about internet addiction*

the first year you have a fast internet connection you really spend a lot of time on it but after a couple months you might start using it less. It happened to me 4 yrs ago.

well I would have liked to have it sooner but it just wasnt available in my area, but actually I needed it as I was on dial up and exceeding the monthly allowance every month and having to switch to pay by minute which was not fun! So I don't really think I'll be using it less LOL It just makes life easier for me and cheaper!

The first day or so I thought it was super fast as I was used to typing and waiting for something to happen, but after a couple of days I just got used to typing faster again like I do at work. Now it doesnt seem so different except when downloading, then it really makes a difference :)

What has REALLY made more of an impact is upgrading my RAM now the poor computer can keep up with the fast broadband haha

Usually 8-10 at work. Then another 2-4 at home.

Same here.8-10 hours at work and 4 hours at home.

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I'm on/off the computer allday, I would be it's my job :)

Generally spend up to 10 hours a day on various systems at work, depending on my interaction with other people. Then put my PC an hour or two after I get home, turn it off before about 30mins before I go to sleep, although don't always use it all the time because I watch DVDs, listen to music via Napster, or play some games, my actual staring at the screen time varies.

I wonder if using a computer screen alot will effect my vision in later life. I agree with letscode, a good ergonomic seating position is needed, and promote this with all my users.

Hi everyone,

Usually i spend about 8 hours a day on the computer but the longest i have spent on a computer is 22 hours.

Richard West

This is such a hard question. Durring the week I get paid to be on a computer for 8 hours ever day. Then when I go home I play around with my own stuff for a few hours. However on weekends I rarely touch my computer, except maybe sunday.

So I'd guess between 8 and 16 hours a day depending on what is going on.

depends on whether or not i'm working but usually a couple of hours a day.

my brother on the other hand..... ummmmmmm 10 hours a day at least.

you lot make me look like a goodie in amongst the baddies but hopefully i'll be a baddie soon :lol:

ps im only a security guard at the moment but....... ahhh u just wait n see. im computer crazee u know and for what its worth my bosses call on me to do things to their computers.

e.g last night my bosses dell desktop caught fire... literally and it wasnt salvageable. i was there when it happened. all that was left was a mass of molten materials. :cheesy:


NO WONDER why the Intel ads had the people dancing in the multi-colored fire suits.... :)

Hope your boss had backups.



NO WONDER why the Intel ads had the people dancing in the multi-colored fire suits.... :)

Hope your boss had backups.


hehehehehehe nope he didn't. teach him to be more carefule next time.:lol:

how many hours aday are you huys on the computer :idea:

My computers stay on 24/7 and someone is on one of them all the waking hours, whether it´s the children or the wife or me working. Two of them are wireless and end up in one of the ends of the house most times. I need one of those alarms you can use on your mobile handsets to find them sometimes :cheesy:

I'm on the computer about 14-16 hours on a normal work day, and on/off about 6-12 hours on a non-work day. Needless to say, the only reason my wife isn't very upset is because I got her to play on one too! :twisted:

All day. I have a laptop with me at all times, and unless I'm walking somewhere or possibly showering (though that is hardly on a daily basis) I am usually either programming, browsing the Internet, or doing something else that is computer related. In fact, my laptop is usually with me during all times of the night - because I generally go to sleep using it.

I enjoy being lame like that.


normally 8 to 12 hours a day, weekends 4 to 8 hours. If I don't work, I play eve-online, a MMORPG.


I manage to sit just for around 3hrs a day. ;)

My system's offline during the night ~03:00 to 10:00 AM. From 10:00 to 17:00, my system's on, but I'm at college. From 17:00 to 03:00, I'm using the system actively...

e.g last night my bosses dell desktop caught fire... literally and it wasnt salvageable. i was there when it happened. all that was left was a mass of molten materials. :cheesy:

I guess he had a 'hot' configuration...

Hmm it depends, If I am at home all day, i'll be on my computer bar obtaining of food and toilet goings, on a normal day I usually get up, go on comp, go to uni, get home, straight back on computer and stay there for most of the evening. But weekends I am usually dragged to some rat out insane place due to the fact i have a car. Right now, infact i have hijacked my friends computer for the most of today! Alas, Can i spend a day without one? Probably, but i really cant be bothered.