There is no knowledge of computers and related fields within me. I am, has been an Ancient Egyptian geek all my life. Since this is the truth. I now hope to dilute my Egyptian studies with a more 21st century understanding of computers. To obtain in the end, an user-friendly website and message board that appeals to more educated and adult Ancient Egyptianphils.

Due to being practically disabled, I tire easily and can have trouble understanding new concepts. In other words, I can be very slow to obtain new information, understand it, or to implement it once I do understand. From day to day, I do not know how I will feel and all help is truly appreciated greatly.

What do I like other than Ancient Egypt? World History of course! I do tend to think carefully and prefer to know what I am talking about before speaking.

Families and, I love my daughter-in-law, and grandchildren.

Science fiction- Harry Turtledove is a big fav, as is Piers Anthony.
Writing, music, teaching, anthropology, watching professional cycling, occasionally cooking as I once did, and thinking.

Before I had to give these up, I enjoyed them greatly: Traveling across the USA, life saving, swimming, boating, sailing, track and field sports, dancing, horses, dogs, and going out with friends. Today my sport is using my stationary bike.

Do not feel sorry for me…Dad taught POW survival skills, and I am able to escape my disabilities with my mind as dad taught.

Hello PeaJay, nice to meet you :)
I've always been interested in ancient Egypt and history in general.

Hello PeaJay, nice to meet you :)
I've always been interested in ancient Egypt and history in general.

Not a history/AE geek though? That's okay I am :) One is often enough. While here, I want to learn more. Like yesterday I discovered a great amount of information just waiting to be gleamed it was great:) I don't think it is going to be to hard to learn. I now understand I could just do a couple of clicks and have it done already but no. I have worked to hard to sell my knowledge so cheap. Know what I mean?

It is going to be a while before my board is up and running. Should you need a geek like me...please don't hesitate to ask- be it from the Predynastic to the Roman occupation in AE. General history just about anything as well, for if I don't know it. I can find it quick enough traveling back through time is always exciting, and never a problem.

I feel almost like a girl on her first day at school. Have a nice day :) thanks again.

Welcome to the forum. Have a wonderful stay.