I'm Sharon and I've been a Winforms developer for almost 9 years now (5 years in C#, before that it was C++).
Recently I was given command over an already written Web project - and now I feel like a total beginner...
My web project uses AJAX (& JavaScript, of course). It is a very rich-client architecture. The server is responsible for passing data but the browser is responsible for all the GUI. The controls are derived from AJAX controls.


Hi Sharon, welcome to DaniWeb!

Amazing how a small change can make a big difference and leave you feeling like a fish out of water, no matter how much experience you have, isn't it? I think we have all been there and done that in one field or another. Hopefully the DaniWeb community will be here to help keep you afloat if you feel like you are drowning in AJAX at any point.

Hello Sharon

Nice to meet you here welcome to board i hope you will enjoy with us :)

Hi Sharon, nice to meet you :)

Welcome Sharon and best of luck with the transition :) I know how it feels to learn/use one aspect of something and see it in a completely different usage and go "huh?!?"