Grade ---> Level

level --> Sonic (the Hedgehog)

Sonic --> Passion

(Hey, I call myself the soundman for a reason right?) :cheesy:

magazine --> hustler :P

thief --> Criminal

(you don't want to know what my first thought on this one was... It would have read somthing like "&*^@!!!")

Criminal --> Scooby Snacks

Scooby Snacks --> 80's cartoons

(OK, I know Scooby Doo was arround since the late 70's but damnit, I liked the 80's better!) :cheesy:

80's cartoons --> Cheezy animation

Cheezy animation>>>> Chinpokomon

steak --> burger

hunger --> Africa

politicians -> the governator (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

the governator --> T3 (Rise of the Machines)