valley --> hill

hill -> freelancer

freelancer --> self-employed


self-employed --> me


She probably looked at the first page only. The last post on the first page of this thread is "nose." :D It's all good. I do that sometimes. Hehe.

me-->not you

identity crisis-->idolism

idolism --> American Idol

American Idol --> tv

TV - biiiiiggggg!

(heh heh...... Just purchased a new one yesterday, and it's HUGE!)

biiiiiggggg! --> little

little -> brother

bear --> Yogi

Yogi --> Yoga

(Funny, "Yogi Bear" was already mentioned on page one.)

yoga -> ninjitsu

Ninjitsu --> Ninja

ninja -> scroll

Scroll --> Mouse

mouse -> optical

Optical --> Illusion

illusion -> effects

effects --> special

special-->person(in my life)


people --> crowd