Hi there Daniweb peeps,

I was doing some research for an issue we were dealing here at my job and I ran into this forum. Thought it'd be fun to join it and see what i can find out and what i can offer.

I currently am working for AT&T Conntectech Support Plus. We deal with computer issues that are outside of the scope of the basic support you can get from dsl and uverse. All I do is fix computer issues, primarily viruses and networking, but we deal with pretty much anything. Believe I am not trying to advertise us we currently are far busier then we can handle.....But I would like to offer my help to this forum. I wouldn't consider myself the top of the top but I do have about 3 and a half years of experience working on computer issues on a day to day basis through many people and many problems.

At the same time I welcome any new resources I can use to help me when I get stumped with a problem (which does happen more then I'd like to admit ;-). Plus the firewall for the office I work in doesn't block this forum so that's definitly a plus!

Anyways, just wanted to say hi to everyone and that I hope to be able to add to the world of knowledge this forum has to offer and to take away some of that knowledge also!

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