And while your parents may have told you to never take hugs and candy from strangers, I'm working on changing that by getting to know you.

My name is Tom Hodgson , and I'm honored to be one of the news contributors here at DaniWeb .

I love a lot of things:writing (obviously) music (NIN, TOOL, Pantera, Sigur Ros, and on and on) Crown Royal quoting lines fromPredator and Aliens poker MMA the Goosebumps "Choose Your Own Adventure" series collecting Pogs The Jersey Shore Breaking Bad The Dark Knight collecting Full House memorabilia late night Legends of the Hidden Temple Dunkeroos and Gushers being a HUGE nerd (currently playing Starcraft 2 and taking any and all comers at Modern Warfare 2. Yes, I play with people better than you. No, you won't beat us. ;)) I also hate a lot of things: movies that involve four middle aged promiscuous women, dance-offs, or plots about teen vampires "lulz" eating Combos to find a pretzel with no filling pizza without cheese men drinking Smirnoff Ice the fact someone wrote and producedStep Up 3D any musician on a "Now That's What I Call Music" album, which ironically, isn't what I call music mongoloid drivers brushing my teeth the guys to your right graphic tees that accentuate barb wire tattoos on biceps people in the WIC program going through express checkout people who type "Your retarded" Now I feel you should know me well enough to call me ur e-friend , considering I'm pretty sure my family doesn't even this much about me. Feel free to add me as one on this site, add the Geeks' Lounge to your RSS, or follow my sarcastic, irreverent banter on Twitter, to get live, up-to-the-minute coverage of a misanthropic dork with views on reality steeped in wit and pop culture. If you give me respect, you already have mine.

We have a lot of great writers that are all well deserving of your attention on the front page, diligently bringing you your daily tech news, so come check us out some time. The fans make everything possible :). (Not Spice Girls fans, though. They don't make anything possible.)

I hope this finds you well, my friends. Shine on~

Hi Tom, nice to meet you :)