Hallelueah!! Praized be the lor-DAH!

Someone has come, com-AH to SAVE us from this defiling game.
Because the Lord hath said:

"When bustin' a cap in da biatchez and pimpin' tha hoes, thou shalt NOT view with covetedness, a pixelated ***, nor bump-mapped bossoms, nor binary boobies!!**"

**Actual quote from our lord and saviour.

Just kidding, here's some better writing:


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Got me beat how you could describe Maddox as 'better writing'.

Better than what?

Well it was certainly better than my piece(no offence to religeous ones).
You don't like him?

Oh. Not your kind of humor I guess.


A digital playground/sandbox as head Rockstar guru Sam Hauser put it, is never boring to me. Many ways to do missions and do things out of specific linear order, along with the satire and licensed music is so fun, I play it almost daily. I'd like to point out the review in the editorial of this months' PLAY magazine, I vented on GTAForums.Com about it. The game is off store shelves of Minnesota, even as I type this...no word on when we will see it for sale again.

It's not news to find violence more accepted then sex in America. It shows just how screwed up people in charge are. The only problem with youth violence is these same folks who ignore violence yet don't know their kids are likely sleeping around underage as well. Great going, mom and dad! Thanks be to government as well


I played GTA for like an hour and thought it was a boring game and never played it again.

I can think of three different visuals while playing that game.. The first is driving around a city, the second is walking around a city, and the third is having your car randomly explode in a city, which is followed by walking around a city, then driving around a city, exploding randomly in a city, etc etc...

At least this new game added one more visual to the series, but those damn "think about the children" people just don't like games expanding into unexplored territory.


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