Has anyone ever felt just like climbing a tree just like you did in your youth? or have any of you had a dream where you have been a tree!? Post you crazy wacky dreams below!

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Flying was a recurring dream (nightmare) that I sometimes had when I was a kid.

It starts with me sliding down a banister, railing, roof or other slope.
At the end, instead of landing hard, I just curl up in a ball and float off rising up and looking down on the streets below.
At some point I start wondering how I am going to get down.
Vertigo gets the better of me and I start to fall and I wake up in shock.


My recurring dream is that I am so tired that I can't keep my eyes open; sometimes it is so bright that I can't keep my eyes open.

Once I dreamt that I was standing on a cliff ledge that was so narrow that I could only keep my heels on it and my back was to the cliff face - I actually figured out I was dreaming and woke myself up. When I went back into the dream, it was a gradual hill and I was able to kick off and float to the bottom.

Edited by GrimJack: my childhood nightmare was being chased by bears rollerskating backwards

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