I'm Danny C, or dcomander1, or DC, doesn't matter.
The following is my information -

Height - 5' 6"
Weight - Not sure
Hair - dark brown
Eyes - dark brown
Location - Westchester County, NY
Age - 21, going to 22 in October

Hobbies - Long drives in classic and modern muscle cars, long shifts on the computer, customizing ubuntu to suit my tastes, playing my PS2, Nintendo 64 and my computer games.
Also working on my website for my side business (check the link in my sig). I love building computers and dream of one day having a small server to host my website on my own, along with a good sized free and open source community.

Relationship Status - single
Fav Music - Rock, alternative rock, pop, anything that will keep me entertained
Education - High School Diploma from Sleepy Hollow HS, and self-taught computer education
Favorite Movies - any good action movie, 007 Bond movies

Favorite TV Shows - anything that will keep me entertained

Favorite Computer Games - Sims 1/2/3, SimCity 2k/3k/4, Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour, World In Conflict, Flight Simulator 9 and 10, Delta Force 2 and Black Hawk Down, realistic racing games, and many more, just ask
Stuff I Dislike - a ton, too many to list, just ask

Nice intro :) nice to see when someone makes an effort instead of posting a one liner (or half liner) to the community intros forum. Welcome to DaniWeb.

Thanks, I always make an effort, and plus, I want to show exactly who I am, not just a quick summary that doesn't show anything. I also hate when people do that, its like, why did they post, when they are going to do a small signature sized post?

Hey Danny, nice to meet you :)

Now could you provide us with your address, phone number, and social security number? hehe!!!! Just kidding!!! :P
Welcome to daniweb...i'm also a newcomer :)

lol, nice one, and awesome, I'm definitely going to have fun here at daniweb.