If you got a programming job in the Army, what are your chance of getting a programming job that pays about 30k? 40k? 50k? or more?

If you majored in a liberal arts major and then took a few programming courses in a prestigious university like University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, what is the chance of you getting a programming / software engineering job that pays 50k? (or more)

Is it true that in programming job / SEng job you don't actually work 8 hours, but more like 6 hours and 2 hours of socializing?

If you just graduate with a liberal arts degree from a prestigious University like UMich without any programming classes, can you teach yourself programming and get certification online that you know how to program and then get hired to about 50k jobs?

Software Engineering can be very demanding and eat up a large number of hours especially nearer crunch time. 6 hours seems pretty ridiculous for a proper SE job to be honest.

Who said that to you ? Software engineering job has become as bad as a BPO job in many companies , all companies are expecting people to be online atleast 12 hours per day.