I'm making a chareer change into software development. Yes, I'm crazy. But more than that, I'm seriously concerned that North America and Western Europe is no longer known for creating and producing good products. We may not make much steal or have big factories mass producing TVs and radios, but that doesn't mean we don't have what it takes to make great intellectual products as well as great cars, movies, food, medicine, etc.

I'm a creative person who is NOT going to quit creating just because I'm getting older or some kid in China will work for 80% less. To h_ _l with 'em, and push 'em back out of the market. They can have my keyboard when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers. Their philosophy is that business-is-war; should mine (ours) be any less?

I'm looking for a mentor to guide my studies. Here is your chance to create a mind (set) in your own image. Is anybody interested?

PG Schubpach

You have 500,000 mentors right here at DaniWeb. Just ask and someone will be glad to help with whatever problems you have.

And BTW software development is still alive and well here in USA and most likely in Europe too.

Hi PG Schubpach, nice to meet you :)