Hey everyone,

New to the IT community. Just finished an IT course and have just entered my first position at at a small business. Great place to start but requires alot of learning which is why i'm on the forums. I'm constantly reading and looking for new sites/examples/code to help me increase my skills. Anyway i'm sure you'll see me lots as I come into new problems everyday.


Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here.

Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.


I am new too.
the reason i join is to know the following : my son who is 10 wants to play Age of Empire III. i have downloaded the trial version but my computer is old : Dell Dimension E310 bought in 2006. Age of Empire III needs a video card with min. 64 megabytes (MB) of memory for video hardware, I dont even know if i have that.
how do I find out ... or do i need to go to a store and buy a video card ?
ps : am i asking this question at the right place ? let me know thanks