How long do you use your computer each day?

Enough. ;)

when i'm not using someone else's i'm using mine ;)

When I stop using mine, I use somebody else's!

Or in my case, I remote control my computer!

For some reason, time just flies when I'm at the computer. Every minute a perceive is in reality about 5 hours. Weird. =P

ok, little story: my twin bro & i were sharing an apartment & 1 eve i started working on a prog (drawing a garage for my folks house in autocadLT 1.0). my bro eventually went off to his room but then got up 2 use the facilities. ok, but then he started making coffee & i asked what in the world he was doing - he was getting ready for work! evidently i hadnt budged from the sys for over 10 hrs & it seemed like *maybe* an hr had gone by 2 me!!!! weirdest personal pc experience of my life.

Nice. Here are some other records from me:

Longest Time Spent Drawing at the Desk: 9.5 Hours
Longest Time Talking to Someone on the Telephone: 7 Hours
Longest Time Spent Playing Video Games at a Sitin: 26 Hours

TWENTY-SIX HRS!!!! :o musta been intense!

I was playing Secret of Mana with other people. One of my favorite games for the SNES. We started from scratch and got up to the final boss. That's accomplishing a lot for an RPG.

sorry pal, u might as well as be "speaking" assembly. RPG - oh, role playing game, eh? well the rest is still Geek to me... ;)

Bookmarked! doesnt look like some cult-centered blood & zombie saturated Soul killer - plus Excaliber... :)

Secret of Mana was probably my favorite game of all time for the SNES. It was one of the games that I played A LOT. And I do mean A LOT. Other games that I played a lot were Street Fighter II, Super Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda, and Starfox. I played these games as much as I use my computer now. I had strategies (books + magazines) for all these games as well as weekly tournaments with friends (for Mario Kart and Street Fighter II).

The best was when my friend brought SNES to school and we had a class tournament. Doesn't get much better than that.

If anyone is good at Super Mario Kart or Street Fighter (SNES or PS1), I'd like to play against you. Dani is the only person I know that can really play Mario Kart. I give her extra points for being a girl. ;)

5 minutes 48.3 seconds (Pluto time)

for uninitiated earth time is 248 times faster than pluto time, so just multiply 248 with above time, to know time per day.

last 2 options suit fine.

So, if my calculation of Jayant's computer use time is correct, He is basicly attached via intravenous tube to his computer for over 22 1/2 hours a day... No wunder he has to be reminded to study!


I use the computer at werk all day. When I'm home I'll just as often turn on a movie or playstation game. Last night I started playing the origional Gauntlet on the system, next thing I know it's 1 am and I gotta get up in 6 hours. DOH:!:

So, if my calculation of Jayant's computer use time is correct, He is basicly attached via intravenous tube to his computer for over 22 1/2 hours a day... No wunder he has to be reminded to study!

should be 23hrs 59min 38sec. (takes 22 seconds to boot/reboot the system :( )

You should an option called Too Much :p

I am on the computer about 7-10 hrs. I mean 8 hrs at work and then about the remaining 2 hrs playing FF X and FF X-2 with my computer on for the play guide. SO all in all... yeah, long enough.

When I stop using mine, I use somebody else's (i'm on from when i wake up till 8:00pm)

10 hrs

Faarr too long ;)



Far, far, far, far, far too long every day.

I leave here (work) to go home and play games, surf more, download gigs upon gigs of stuff, then sleep only to repeat the cycle.

I hear you. When I use mine, hours go by as minutes.

never seem to get to use mine always fixing or building for someone else
awwwwwwwww taint fair :cry:

Far longer than is considered safe by OSHA. Sitting for 18 or more hours a day staring at the brilliant glow of a moniter has made my eyes not only beady, but also hyper sensitive to light. But I figure once they get too bad I could just use my optical mouse for some home style laser eye surgery. :cheesy:

ive nearly lost my job over my computer i used to sit up most of the night sleep for a few hours then got to work which was fine for a while. Until it started to catch up with me then i was falling asleep at work and when i got caught i got threat'nd with my job and with that i thought id better get it sorted so i sold it!!!!!!
but i got in a long term relationship thought its time to buy another had it for a year got broadband and im nearly back to how it was before. NOW my missus got upset that i was spending all my time on the pc so i moved it to the front room to keep her happy which she is for now (im in the same room as her). i just cant stop
but i use a pc at work for about 5 hours per day (i use CAD for setting out lettering on headstones) then i spend the rest of the day lettering the stones. i get home and spend about 4 or 5 hours browsing and downloading. Not to mention weekends

Super mario karts was and still is great. :P

I spend like 4 hours at my computer max really. Once I spent like 24 hours watching DVDs though. My family were all gone for a weekend so I took advantage of exclusive widescreen access. :P

Generally 7-10, unfortunately.

That's all? ;)

Well, maybe I keep it under 7 on most days. Its around 5-8 a day, really. So, one of those.

My computer itself is on all day, every day.. But I am usually afk doing stuff.. But it's still in use, right? ;)