How long do you use your computer each day?[/about six huors

how much do i use my pc? well pc's in genaral. i get up and go to work, fix pc's and servers all day. i come home and switch on my computers and play with my servers then i go to bed laptop on one side my girl on the other, well someones got to love us geeks! then if i cant sleep i'll do stuff on my laptop till i'm sleepy. and it all starts again the next day. for me the real question is how much time do i have left to do anything else!


I'am a working guy and usually I'am spending my 10-15 hours daily

Well, Weekends 7hrs a day and week days 2hrs a day

  1. [B][I alwaysssssssss play the computer but I'm gonna stop because my eyes really hurt, I usually play Maple Story and Pop Tagger, I'm nine years old./B]

I really really like watching JONAS so I pry my eyes watching that too!

around 8 to 10 hours during weekdays and maybe only an hour a day over the weekend:)

I use it for whole day, i start my work at 9am in the morning and turn it off after 7pm for some rest, i again start working after 10 and finally turn it off when i am near to sleep.

Too much, 8 or more hours/day. I try to have at least one computer free day every week.

When I am at work - usually 8 hours per day, when I am at home about all the time I am not sleeping.

i stay on my computer from 8 am to 7 pm in weekends time flies

I spend more than 7 to 10 hs everyday on my pc