My name is Tonie, I'm a high school student on my last year andi love computers. My mom recently thought it was a good idea to enroll me in a technicall college to see if i can imporve my skills in computers. I decided to take the programming aspect of computers because i have the hardware part taken care of. We are currently programing using JAVA and i would surely need any help i can get.

My name is Rui Chuang, I like singing and dance, also like surf on the internet, but i don't like playing computer game

I am a beginner of this forum, i hope there will be a lot of funny things in this forum.

best wishes for every one!

Hey all,

My Name is geordie, i am a construction worker looking for a new path in life with webdesign and development. Doing webdesign in my spare time and hopefully as a job if i get graduated.

I have done some fairly small bits go php,mysql and html just the absolute minimun though. Now i'm looking at fully understanding php,mysql,html and java hence why i have signed up to this forum.

Well, enough of me rambling..... looking forward to getting to know the community and your expertise.

Geordie ;)

hello everyone. I am new in this forum. I hope I could share new ideas that could help this site and could meet new people in this forum.

HI every 1
This is excellent post; I know it will help me personally. I am going to share this with my friends.

Hello Friends. I am Richard and I just wanted to stop and say hello to everyone as I just came across this website a few days ago and wish I had found it a lot sooner.. This is a very good website with alot of useful information and a lot of smart people. I am new to this forum site so i request you all to guide me and help me in posting forums.

Hello Everyone,
I am Ann and i am new here.

Hi everyone
I just completed high school and i am passionate about computers. I want to learn how to program and develop websites so i will appreciate all the help i will get.
Thanks in advance..........

Hi to all, I'm Dann from New York, I'm newbie here, glad to become a member of this forum community.. Hope for the good time here.

hey there errbody.....
'Bout me

Name: Nelly

NickName: nellyGeek

Weight: 70<x<75 kg

Height 6'4

Hair: Dark

Eyes: Brown

Code: Java, .Net, C++

Likes: music, my sony vaio laptop, eating, funny stuffs, friends

Dislikes: finding X in complex mathematics, talking bout other people stuffs, haters, and other stuffs i've just forgotten...ha haa

Hopes: to be of any help to people out there and be helped in same wayz

I'm glad to be in DaniWeb....