Hi. Names Kermit, 53yrs old. rather new to the computer stuff. Retired now and would like to do some game modding and such. Plenty of time to sit here and make sure it all works right. But that will have to wait until i figure out what all I need to download to get started. Probably a good thing I have 700GB of free space. The original intent with this forum was to figure out a problem I am having with Internet Explorer 8. The problem is it refuses to connect to my broadband. It keeps dialing my broadband company, but the connection is always on. My Mozilla Firefox has no problem finding it, as witnessed by my presence here. The settings are identical so i am at wits end as to the problem. The only reason I need the stupid thing is to download MS-updates. About ready to tell MS they can keep the things I don't need most of them anyway. So feel free to E-Mail me anytime, like I said I have plenty of time. I look forward to meeting you all, over my keyboard and I hope some of you can get me started in the right direction on the Modding thing. Thanks

Welcome Kermit. I am sure we will hear much more from you in the future. As far as your question is concerned, please post a new thread under Hardware & Software under the OS you currently run. I'm sure someone will be able to assist over there.