OK, By way of introduction I am a 58 year old 6 year Viet Nam Era (not in country) Navy Type who learned a lot of Electronics back in the 70's when the Navy Schools gave you the equivalent of an Associates Degree in Electronics.

I am married with two fantastic grown kids.

I worked everything from IMA Maintenance on the early TACAMO. To Embedded Hardware Design. To Metrology. (Not Meteorology!)

I've maintained my love for the Electronic Arts. But, have found that far too much of my creativity has been ISO'd out and I basically became a trained monkey.

I had been using VB6 to solve problems and do Test Instrument Control for several years and am pretty good in that respect. But, just because you can access the NI_VISA API doesn't mean you are an API guy. :)

I applied for and got "promoted" into a Software Support Team for USMC ATE. I have been to TYX's C/Atlas school. But, it is _NOT_ a language you learn in a week.

After my promotion I have found that as a Windows & VB6 programmer I am the Red-Headed Step-Child of the group of Linux Proponents who are C++ aware. And, of course, Visual Basic is *NOT* a programming language.

Even though there is some VB6 stuff for me to support almost everything is C++ (VS6) based.

And, that's why I joined DaniWEb. My VB6 knowledge is getting in the way of my using and uderstanding C++ and all too soon C#...

There are far far too many holes in my knowledge and understanding. And, all the tutorials and books are not filling in the gaps.

For instance one interface uses ATL COM and the example is in C++ Ok, the example works, but, as soon as I try to expand it into something useable the whole thing crashes with errors that make no sense at all.

Little things that VB does for me automatically... Aren't so automatic.

I can add a form in VB and place a control on that form and from anywhere in the project I can do things to the control merely by Form.Control.whatIwanttodo

It is definately not so easy in C++ as everything is a separate CLASS and talking across CLASS boundaries is completely non-obvious. At least to me.

Good grief! I don't even know enough C++ to frame a search adequate to get me close to a solution!

Over 40 years of experience and I find myself a RANK newbie barely treading water...

But, here I am, for better or for worse...

Mike Sr.

Welcome to Daniweb Mike. We will see you aroung at C++ I suppose.

Wear a life jacket when the treading becomes too much...:icon_cheesygrin:

Enjoy your stay.