Hello, everyone. You may all call me Dave. I'd like to start my introduction with a very heartfelt appology for my tardiness in introducing myself. I despise rude behavior and I give my word that mine will not happen again. Having said that, I would like to say what a pleasure and a privilige to make everyone's aquaintence. I am a carpenter by trade (having taken up after my dear Great Uncle. R.I.P.) but computers have always intrigued me. They have always been just past the edge of understanding for me.
I am running a Compaque Presario XP Media Center Edition with a reinstalled version of XP Pro. I am not what you (or anyone, for that matter) would call "computer literate". Far from it actually. I do consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person with better than average problem solving skills. The world of PC is not entirely new to me, however. About one hundred and fifty years ago I was quite a geek having learned to program the Tandy Color Computer 64 with a fair degree of success. Unfortunately, I am not having the same margin of success with my Pc. I wont break any of the rules to my newly found channel of keyboard expression so I'll leave out the details of my failures.
I am, in short, very pleased and excited to share information with as many of you all as possible and many thanks to "daddy" for that inspirational welcome and I hope to be of as much help to you as I am sure that I need from all of you. Thanks and talk to you all again very soon. Live long and prosper! davebruceL

Welcome "outspoken" Dave.:D
I am sure you will have a wonderfull time at Daniweb. Enjoy.