Okay so most people these days have a home hum (a wireless rooter) and the last year or so has seen the begining of the rise of home cloud computing with prducts like the seagates goflex network shareing device etc. My question is what can you link up to you 'network' and how, obviously most people will be thinking of the following:

@ TV

@ Sterio/music devices

@ SmartPhones

@ Consoles

@ -Computers-

also i know you can get; washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, tv related hardware (digi box sky + etc) and you could always look to connect up e-readers, PDA's, house lighting/power.

assuming that with the exception of say; smartphones, consoles, dishwashers and fridges. Which either already have ways of connecting to a rooter (inbuilt or ready to buy) or have to come ready for that sort of thing (smart fridges which i saw a while back) how would you go about creating a connection (wirelessly) and set them up so they could pull data from a central storeage device by theirselfs no 'connect it to a laptop' solutions please.

This question came to me last night when i was looking around at harddrives for back up and i came across the seagates new offering, it reminded me of a conversation i'd had a month or two back with my older brother. He was looking into a central storeage solution but didnt want to have to spend overly much on a trick out system and thinking back on it i thought the media sharing device sounded perfect but i knew that my brothers TV isnt internet ready (really who's is atm) and that he had already tried linking his laptop up to his tv (what he was orriginally complianing about). Suprisingly I couldn't think of a way to play media straight from a harddrive to say tv and I mean really who wants to have a computer on all the time sure many of us do but not only does this tie up the computers resources but its costly and time consuming, so i thought a topic about alternitives would be helpful.

Thank you for reading and any advice you can give, I'l be back later with anything I find on the subject

okay so i've been looking for the last coupple of days (started befor i posted here) and i got nothing all I came up with in that time was that to pull the data and dissplay/play (for say TV and audio devices) straight-away you'd have to get the storage to send the data in the format the device usually recives (transmition/radio). I have no clue how you could do this.

although i think that a small hack on a digibox might allow you to store your recordings elsewhere thus enabeling you to place them on the main storage where they could be put on disk or something for longterm storage. (I don't know about anyone else but I'm freakin sick of scrolling through 2 years of accumilate movies i love to find an old episode of qi) any help would be great thanks