Hello every one
I suppose I should have read the community rules before singing up, sorry just wanted to post questions now and then here. I'm a fixer by nature of all sorts but my expertise is in fluid power. I do know when to say "to leave it to the specialist" or when something is doable, most of time the software and computer programing stuff is in the let the specialist handle it category.
I'm a retired Navy DOD employee who's real job has nothing to do with computers and software except that I use them there to do my job, (FIX NUC SUBS for the Navy). I'm interested in all facets of computer Tech and how its made our world such a different and better place then when I was a young man in the 70's, we've come a long way from the Radio Shack TRS-80 and the Commodore PET PC's. I guess my point is I think its great that communities like yours exist they give people like me a view into an area of expertise that would normally not be available except on the NET and I love to learn about new things especially new Tech.
If I get kicked out of the community for lack of knowledge I bring to the table thats fine but if I'm allowed to stay I would be most honored to. :)

happygeek commented: Nice intro, thanks for being so honest with us +0

You are most welcome here at DaniWeb, experience is knowledge in my book.