Last weekened, Dani and I got together in Manhattan for the day. I'm in the market for a manhattan apartment, and Dani might be in the market when she finally finishes her undergrad (hurry up already!).

We only got a chance to look at 1 manhattan apartment, because foolishly I did not make any appointments! We saw a 300 sq. ft. studio in gramercy park with a backyard for $1800 + 15% broker fee! Damn, New York City is expensive. This apartment was the size of a trailer.

But I would have taken it, if somebody didn't beat me to the punch!

Already rented.

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that's insane, but that's the price for innercity living in a metropolis...
Apartments in Amsterdam (single floor, maybe 60-70 square meters) can do as much as half a million Euro when sold, 3-4000 a month to rent.
I guess similar sized apartments in Manhattan cost something similar.


I'm sorry, but $1800 for a 300 Sq. Ft apartment??? Is living in downtown Manhatten really worth it? I mean come on. It's crowded, traffic sucks, smokes are $7 a pack, drinks are probably double that, it's target #1 for the next terrorist attack... I could go on.

I just don't understand the drawl. Now Philly on the other hand... the City of Botherly Love, the people are friendly, it's cheap, 90 minute commute from NYC.... hehehe.

But really though, I just can't see why someone would pay $1800 a month for such a small apartment when they could go over the bridge into Jersey and get something 5 times that size for the same amount. Hell, you could have a $200g house on an $1800 a month mortgage.

I just don't understand it I tell you.


To answer your question Justin, Avi currently lives in Jersey about 20 minutes outside the city, and he prefers living in the city ... suburban life is different than city life after all ;)


200g house on a 1800 a month mortgage? It's normally less than 700 a month for a house around 200g! There's no telling what you could get for that, but some people don't like owning. Here, you can rent a house for about 500-600 a month, but that's about the price of a 30 loan.


To answer your question Justin, Avi currently lives in Jersey about 20 minutes outside the city, and he prefers living in the city ... suburban life is different than city life after all ;)

Ya I know. City life is much different. Definitely a lot funner and a lot more going on. It's just that $1800 for a 300 sq. ft. apartment is insane. Thats like paying to live in a closet.

Anyway, I suffer from a syndrome that most from the Philly area suffer from. It comes from living in the shadow of NYC, so whenever I can get a chance to take a pot shot at the city, regardless of how rational it is, I have to take it :mrgreen:


I forgot to mention, it also had a 100 sq. ft. backyard!

I also neglected to mention that it's in Gramercy Park, one of the priciest parts of NYC.

Prices for buying in this area are through the roof. Houses for $200k in the NYC surrounding areas can only be found in inner-city neighborhoods with high crime rates.

Commuting is rough- traffic, crowds, gas prices, the feeling you get when you just miss the train - you name it.

But hey, even at the $1800, 5 people put applications in! That's the price we got to pay for a quick stroll to the office, and to live in a quiet Manhattan neighborhood.


Hey thats cheap compared to London

$2400 month will get you nothing at all in even outskirts London and then you have to Pay poll tax on top - usually another $300 a month on top.

Hey fuel here is nearly $8 a gall!

Handouts gratefully received!!!



I work/travel all over, but am well-pleased to call Kansas, USA, home. The cost-of-living is so low, it's almost shameful. I pay around $900.00/month to OWN a home that I newly built. 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, 2 levels, attached garage, large yard/lawn full of trees. Jealous? Well, if so, just remember, it's Kansas. No mountains, no ocean, flat and dusty. Though, I've never been tempted to move. That is until I spent a week in Silkeborg, Denmark. That is a beautiful place.


Hm. I'm not sure if you're looking for sympathy or advice. I will say, though, that unless this was a very luxurious studio, ideally with a key to Gramercy Park itself, it sounds very pricy. Even without the 15% fee!

Yes, Manhattan is expensive, but I hope you do a bit more looking before you sign. Preferably finding something without a broker fee.

Good luck!

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