Anyone else dress up for Halloween? If so, then post your pictures here. This is how I looked at my WalMart job today (3 pm - 10 pm)

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Oh goodness gracious! I dressed up as a ladybug for a halloween party I went to last night, but unfortunately I don't have any pictures.

Not really just had on my wool pea coat and fedora, while walking around with friends.

Good thing it was thick wool since that bounced the eggs off from some drunks in their car, also nice that I had on my steel toe work boots for when I walked over and kicked their door and they sat inside like wusses. Not even man enough to get out and let me get my daily workout in. Course they tracked us around the block and through a police lot till we got over a ditch and slipped through some apartment alleys.

Ouch Melvin, I can see how that fitted right in with Halloween!!!:)

Unfortunately not big here with us in S.A. I would however love to see other photos...

Ouch!, the orange fits right in with Halloween.:)

I don't know who that chick is in that picture, but the purple of daniweb must be rubbing off on her judging by her cool hair style.

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Bloomberg was going as the Tango Man. He wore the trousers to match his face.

i don't need a Halloween costume coz my face already is for horror ^_^

@brainwood: That's the whole point of halloween -- time to get silly. And I just proved that you're never too old to do silly and stupid things. According to this wiki article Halloween is only celebrated in a few countries, so if you don't live in one of those countries you may have never heard of it.

it is fun and i thought it was awesome of you to share Dragon!

It was a rare treat to see ancient Dragon "in the flesh". You look great! Your avatar doesn't do you justice.