Hmm. That's a toughie ... There should have been an "All of the above/nearly all of the above", option! I can't decide :|


Oh yea, fast computers is what I love! I just upgraded from amd athlon 3200+ single core to amd athlon 4400+ dual core! The improvement is amazing! Overclocked about 25%.. it's socket 939 so it was relatively cheap compared to those damn am2 sockets..

As for cars, (some people were discussing this like 5 yrs ago lol) I really couldn't care less.. It's a damn car! As long as it works and gets you from point A to point B, who cares?


> What do you mean?
You should at least look at the date the last post was made before replying to it. Next time you find an interesting old thread, create a new one instead of resurrecting the dead.


Este sitio es muy caliente! Tiene mucho informacion para los techies muy frios!


This place is very warm! It has very much information for the very cold techies!

Can't help it!.
"Tiene mucha"


haha.. you could have helped me with my spanish class.. I hated that damn class, and I would always just translate everything online. Haven't learned much after 3 years of spanish.. except the cuss words :D


Before this topic dies, I'll bring it back! muahaha!

I voted for application programming, which I consider to include web applications as well. Application design is of considerable interest, especially with regard to operating systems and security considerations.

Votes + Comments

I really like Samaru's webpage...the 1. one's reely ql...Nice work and thinking...Like to be like you someday:P

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