Played the original StarCraft when I was in my Gradeschool. It was a fun game. I'm not a master, or "pro" gamer, but I was pretty good, at least by my standards.

High school came in, and I had to leave the game for a while. When I got back, things have definitely changed. Seems to me that I've lost my skills. This is a no-no since StarCraft II is out.

It seems that everyone ditched the long, quiet, match that would last 2 hours in favor of ten-minute in-your-face-rush. Every map, set on the fastest, and they complain it's still too slow.

Good bye mind games, good bye strategy, good by High Templars, Nukes, and Defilers. If you're slow, you die. Doesn't matter if you're smarter, if you had plans A to Z. Makes me wonder if it's still a strategy game.

Oh, and the bad news: StarCraft II followed this direction.

I understand this is good for competition. After all, what person would want to watch a game that would last for two hours, at least? This isn't a sport, after all. It's not chess.

Not in the slightest (sarcasm).

Read my bio, and you'll find out I take my time to appreciate the scenery, or in this case, little moments in video games that SO make it worth my money, like building a Refinery on my enemy's base, seconds before he could, just to annoy him. I don't think this is possible anymore today. It seems that StarCraft, and most games today (I'm looking at you, Modern Warfare 2) abandoned everything in favor of fast-based action.

Anybody out there who still plays StarCraft on normal speed? Or have I been left behind?

Comments / Opinions are welcome. :)

i love starcraft, wish i had time to get back into it and i always liked it better on normal speed.

I watch starcraft on e-sports every now and then on a Korean television channel.

Those guys play so fast, its impossible to keep up.

The matches entertaining to watch though.

yes, very entertaining to watch. a friend of mine is a starcraft champion and one of the top SC players in the world, the way he plays just scares me.

I can hold my own on fast games, though my win/lose rate is about 50/50. Depends on my team's strategy. Rushing seems to be the favored (and only) strategy.

I'm always amazed how some people managed to beat me simply because their hands move faster. These are the same people I win against on a normal match, when their speed becomes useless.

Also, when they watch dozens of their units get killed by Psionic Storm, they ask me "What kind of spell was that?"

That tells me a lot about the people I play against nowadays. Hehehe.

Now the Koreans take it to a whole new level. Are they the ones who started the 10 minute match trend?

i believe they are. yeah, they are amazing to watch.