Reminds me of the annoying paperclip from an old word proccessor...I used to speak to it as well.
"Are you writing a letter?"
"No. P*ss off".

Looks nice as an avatar though :)


Your avatar is from lion king.
(My avatar was made by me in Paint.NET, I don't even have after effects. LOL :))

Your avatar has been commented on too many times by myself :D

Have you ever looked at a paper clip
I mean, really stop to look?

Have you ever seen how it can
Hold together the pages of a book?

Have you ever looked at a paper clip
When it shines under the light, huh?

Have you ever put it on your finger
And watched it hold on tight?

Anyone can look at a rainbow
Anyone can look at the sky
To see that those things are pretty
You don't really have to try

But, have you ever seen how a paper clip
It's so ... I don't know. So flat, huh?

Have you noticed how it keeps on bending
And say "Why, now, look at that!"

If you stopped and looked at a paper clip
For just a minute or two
You might get to love a paper clip
The way that I do

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