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    Bye codeorder, we will miss you. Why did you terminate your account. Life in daniweb would be boring without you Read More


Reminds me of the annoying paperclip from an old word proccessor...I used to speak to it as well.
"Are you writing a letter?"
"No. P*ss off".

Looks nice as an avatar though :)


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Your avatar is from lion king.
(My avatar was made by me in Paint.NET, I don't even have after effects. LOL :))


Your avatar has been commented on too many times by myself :D


Have you ever looked at a paper clip
I mean, really stop to look?

Have you ever seen how it can
Hold together the pages of a book?

Have you ever looked at a paper clip
When it shines under the light, huh?

Have you ever put it on your finger
And watched it hold on tight?

Anyone can look at a rainbow
Anyone can look at the sky
To see that those things are pretty
You don't really have to try

But, have you ever seen how a paper clip
It's so ... I don't know. So flat, huh?

Have you noticed how it keeps on bending
And say "Why, now, look at that!"

If you stopped and looked at a paper clip
For just a minute or two
You might get to love a paper clip
The way that I do

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