windows 1935

out of gas

Thats for sure...;)

drugged up paperclip?

Nice eyebrows :)

help my trap?

Te slim vir homself vandag!

help my trap?

hehehe, English members will not make sense of these two.;)


For the english members: A "help my trap" is a bicycle with pedals, and a small engine on it, so you can use the engine on the straights and downhills, but on the uphills, you need to help pedal because the engine on the bike is too weak to make the uphill by it self.

Hehe, pronounced as in -

Help ma (a as in ape) trap (a as in ahhh);)

I think this thread would work better if people changed their avatars once in a while XD


not the number of the beast

empty money clip

girl that hasn't seen the sun in an outrageously long time.

Blinded by your pic

looking down you see your feet

Looks sad even though you are holding a heart in your palm. Must be grieving

Looks like a eagle head being eaten