Just because you wrote "Hawk" whilst having a pee on my snow, does not mean I'm still not hungry.

A talisman or amulet in a box

(12 hours later)
Is that hawk still peeing on my snow?

Does the talisman have any magical use?

(12 hours 13 minutes later)
Still at it? I think he missed a spot though.

I think the talisman has no use and should be sold away

Yeah, i think the talisman is worth not even a penny.

bad wolf, stray away from the pack

A dead samurai can't fight.

Cheng yi, please go to your control panel and select change avatar and upload a picture. There is no picture there.

A "smart" samurai knows about avatars and not how to use a private message.
.Does that still make him smart? Does a samurai even have to be smart?

I know a ninja would send a private message and notify someone about something like uploading images, cause they're "ninjas". :D

Looks like a blue disk with an image on top. Can a disk even talk or comment. Haha;) LOL:D

Whats the point of protecting nothing?

A small scientists but a big brain

I'm actually more bushi than you think.

Hey are you talking to me, disk. I thought a disk can't talk

Even though it's 2011, I still get paid in rice.:'(

>>Hey are you talking to me, disk. I thought a disk can't talk
Being a programmer, I should be able to make anything talk, even a disk.:-O

Nows it seems than the disk is undergoing changes into a hawk. A talking hawk, not bad

commented: Bored. +0

A guys in the middle of a poison fog, i am wondering why is he not dead? LOL:D

Why are you glowing in green colour?

You must have been at least a thousand years of age. Look at the dust in your background.

You have not cut your hair for a thousand years too, long at the bushy long hair. Heehe

**You're not making sense, hair grows quickly

Is that heavy suit a burden?

But your hair is unkempt maybe you never wash it often.

You looks kind of nerdy with that spectacles, chill out bro. Going to war rocks!

I just farted in this suit and I gotta tell you, it stinks.

I wonder what would happen to you if that good conductor of heat is under extreme heat.

I can barely see, the fog is moving in, and it's green, and it's coming from that samurai's suit.
Not sure if my head is swelling or my body shrinking, but that is potent.