Who are you looking at?

Cross inside a square inside a circle!

A dog that talks

the thing which I don't understand what is it

A car in a parking lot!

Are you staring at me dog?

Staring at what?

Smartest garbage man!

Some is looking to become a knight of a royal family :P

What are you staring at??? Are you shocked?

Angry boy with Leaf like hair

Trash Collector

Someone is hiding from comments :P

Spiky hair! And hey! I am garbage collector too!

"I got a cat in the bag!!!":D

Oh i found the piece of gold i was looking for ;)

"I'm not bug-eyed, you just have small eyes."

I should change my Avatar Had enuff comments on it ;)

Are you pointing your "eyes" at me?:D
(btw, was that a personal comment, or just pointing your "eyes" at me to change my avatar?)

Oh no no that was not a personal one that was for sure to change Ur avatar

Anyway : No comments :)

(this thread is not the only reason I am part of this community, avatar will remain)

You know how they say "Something just flew in my eyes"?
.Well, an airplane just flew in yours!

Hey, don't make fun of the smartest garbage man ever! At least I am not all blue and circular!

And look up Dilbert garbageman if you dont get it.