what is your name doing on your pic?

your pic is black n white

your pic is of a dude!

cat is trying to find something in the wooden box i guess..

your name is in the profile picture

there is shadow behind you.

there is no shadow behind you cause there is no wall

your shirt is black.

its not black...watch carefully

your pic has a wooden box

your pic doesn't have a wooden box.

you have a watch

your pic has 2 eyes

only one eye of cat can be seen in your pic

aside from my avatar, yours is seen most in this page.

you have fingers

your avatar isn't a four legged animal

your avatar contains wood

your avatar doesn't contain wood.

the cat is standing on something

yours is half a body.

your avatar has red cheecks

Your avatar has 2 colors.

your avatar has many colors

Your avatar hasn't changed for a while.