So Nasa is going to unveil a "astrobiological finding" on thursday. What do you think it's going to be?

I think they found something living on one of saturn's moon.

I Suppose we have to wait until tomorrow to find out.;)

i think they might find a small budget somewhere to stay afloat. didn't the obama admin say they're shutting them down or something?

I don't trust nasa. I think they are hiding a lot of things that we would veiw as impossible now.

I will never expect to hear anything from nasa with news as big as that.

I seriously doubt they have concrete proof of alien life,

My guess is they've discovered water oceans or evidence of past water oceans somewhere.

They actually did find oceans under 6 feet of ice on the furtherest (3rd) moon of Jupiter, which might contain life forms. Apparently it is a "distant future" plan to set up a research center there. I believe the problem was travelling there, with current rocket technology almost 10 years. Someone found a way to use hydrogen and turn it into plasma, which means travelling there can now be done in 1 year.

With water on the moon, life is possible because oxygen can be generated from it, rocket fuel (plasma) from the hydrogen etc.:)

The original plan was the first moon, but the first and second moons is in the radiation belt created by Jupiter's gravity, which makes life unsustainable'impossible.

These 3 moons is the only "real" moons around Jupiter although 57 was discovered to date...

Whether its going to happen remains to be seen....

So I suppose its out....

NASA Announcement: NASA Finds New Life Arsenic Based

This new life form that NASA just discovered is a bacteria called GFAJ-1 that is made up of Arsenic elements for its building blocks. Its DNA is totally composed of something that is toxic and poisonous to what we call “life” is. But this discovery totally changes everything. With this, they are sold with the idea that they may be looking for life forms in a wrong way, finding traces of the other 6 components like here on earth. Next time, they are to focus on considering other elements that can build life.


I seem to recall from a move, dandruf shampoo is toxic to arsenic based life ... :)