I don't know how to send you a PM, so I have to post this out in the open.

I think you have the prettiest smile I have ever seen. To be honest, I think that your picture in the avatar is sooo beautiful.

I just had to let you know. Have a wonderful day Dani

Nick Evan commented: Dude, seriously? +0
jon.kiparsky commented: Don't do this. Ever +0

*wolf whistles*

Well, it's not really like a wolf whisle, I just wanted to respectfully let Dani know that she looks like a queen.

I was not trying to be disrespectful in any kind of way and I hope that it is not taken negatively.

Pah sure you did ;) Just respectfully let her know...
Don't worry bro I'm just joking :)

This is weird, if not creepy.

It's because of people like this that women/girls don't like to tell their gender to anyone on the internet.


>This is weird, if not creepy.
More like creepy, if not outright disturbing. Even more so in Dani's case due to easy to find real world contact information. At least when crazy stalkers start breathing heavy around me, I'm less frightened because they're unlikely to show up at my doorstep.

Add one for creepy from me. If you don't get it, maybe you should park the laptop for a few months and spend some time in the world, interacting with real people.

I think it is strange that someone would try to turn a compliment into something negative or am I just being baited.

It's ok guys, this is my last response in this thread.

Peace everyone.

No, you're not being baited. Really, you may have meant well but it's a misfire. If you're not sure why, find a real live woman, show her this thread and ask her what she thinks. And when you do, don't argue with her about it: ask her, and then listen.

Understanding this will really help you in your life, I promise.

Sure Dani is hot - I'll admit it - and sure in the real world you could say that to someone if the situation allowed for it and the tone and context was right, but... this is the internet, when you start a topic, there is no situation unless you create one and that means it's right out the blue with a robotic tone. Like some sort of psychopathic stalker bot, meant to creep you the freak-out.

I think it is strange that someone would try to turn a compliment into something negative or am I just being baited.

This is "teh Internet"; where reason fails, where a wolf doesn't require a sheep's clothing and 10 year olds claim to have a house in Hollywood city (OK, maybe not the last one). In case you still don't realize it, this outcome was kind of predictable given your post content and your sig links.

BTW, looking forward to your next thread; Dani II -- The confession ;-)