I saw the news about the navy testing a rail gun that can hit targets 100 miles away (w/o all that big gun recoil) and was pretty impressed. Then I found this. Unfortunately, it seems that the actual instructions are have been deleted by the 'authors'. If you go down through the comments you will see that the kilojoules produced are on the lines of a .45 but still....

Oh, the navy shot is about 33 megajoules and travels 100 miles in 6 minutes. A Tomahawk missile costs US$600k each - you can build a couple rail guns for that.

That is some serious ish man! Thank You for the find. Now I guess we have to see how long we the people will continue to be exposed to so many web secrets. I guess this is why they are seeking to stifle what can and cannot be viewed. I for one love to find out about ALL kinds of knowledge and feel we should be unrestricted. What say you the people?

They being talking about this for years and a few vids I believe online(one from about threes ago, anyway).