My Name is Moses Silva Jr.
I am about 7 months away from my Bachelor in IT security with the University of Phoenix.
I am from Hawaii but currently live in Saipan, I am hoping to move back soon but need to get some experience in the IT industry.

I started my first job as an IT manager for a local radio company but I am going to need lots of help. I have been so busy with school and other jobs that I cant do the simplest of things.

So i will be using DaniWeb as one of my tools to get help.

I am a father of 2 and have been working random jobs since high school. Restaurants, banks, carpentry, graphic installation, and temping to name a few. Decided that I loved computers and since I had the tools In decided to attend school online. I realize now that I am just paying for the credentials because you really need to learn more than what you learn from school. School is just a stepping stone to a larger complex world.

My question will probably be easier for most of you in this site so please go easy on me..hehehe.

Welcome to DaniWeb Moses (",)