What do you have planned for the holidays?

We have decided to have a very quiet family get together at my place for the holidays.

Just wanna be with people i care and who care..

I will make fun with my family and friends on beach and will make some meal over there, i am very excited for this. :D

That sounds like fun. Enjoy it!!!:)

The usual:

Being pagan we celebrated Yule on December 21st (and being pagan we did so by getting very drunk)

On December 25th I will do that rarest of things, take a day off work. If I pick up my netbook, or check my email on the iPhone, I have to pay £5 into a family fund for each infraction. Last year the family made £45 out of my indescretions (well, the ones that they spotted anyway)

On December 26th we have the inlaws coming round for dinner, and I'm that unusual breed - a man who loves his mother-in-law to death and thinks of his father-in-law as his dad (my own dad having passed away 13 years ago now)

And that's pretty much it, until my birthday on the 30th December when I will celebrate in true pagan style again :)

Is it possible to have "a very quiet family get together"? with the emph on quiet?

We do not celebrate Christmas in any traditional style. No big stories, like cooking for an army meals and such things. We do, however, enjoy the day, and plans to *braai on the beach, weather permitting, or if the rains come down like the forecast say, we will *braai at home, no other family, just us and the kids still in the house.

* braai: The national word in South-Africa for what others may know as a barbeque,with one big difference, we don't braai viennas, patties and saussages, we braai real meat, like t-bone steaks, rump-steaks, lamb-chops, whole lamb on spit, *boerewors and free range +2 kg chickens, not the frozen chicken pieces, and most important of all, we braai with real wood, hard-coal-wood, and not charcoal.

*boerewors: Like a saussage, but not processed meat, rather a real mixture of beef/pork/sheep in it, minced a bit ruffer than normal mince-meat, with added spices of choice.

Happy holidays everyone.

I'm starting the fire as we type. Davey, I know the feeling. I have already received the stares of death from the family, but hey, what doesn't kill makes you stronger.;)

Happy birthday if we forget and enjoy the party. New year AND a birthday, WOW!!!:)

We're having a braai with aged steak and tjops (lamb)!!!

@Kraai, waar op die beach is julle?

Andre, I hope your fire is a wood-fire, and not charcoal and blitz. I stay almost right on the beach in one of the coastal towns on KZN Southcoast, about 70 km south of Durbs. I also hope that your steak is "lazy" aged, like the Spur.

To the main Happy Geek, happy birthday, and don't forget to drink something on all of us, as we will surely drink something on you.

@ Kraai, I'm a Capetonian, we ONLY use wood!!!! (Rooikrans)

Steaks is most definitely lazy aged! Ek sal 'n doppie op jou drink. Weer is awesome hier onder in die Kaap.:)

Davey (Happy Geek), I'm already having one on you.;)

on KZN Southcoast, about 70 km south of Durbs

Sounds like Margate?

No, Margate is too far south, think small village, 70 km south of Durbs. In England there is also a town like this same name, and there was a cartoon series on tv years ago, also called the same.

I used to skip school and jump on a train to Margate from my home in South London at the time. There was a big fun fair at Margate you see... :)

The Margate around here where I am, is also a play-place for naughty school-kids. Makes me think, whats in the name Margate, so many simularities then..... mmmm... :)

mmmm, Will look at a map tomorrow.:)