It seems to be working with some people, but not others. I can't log in or view images. It's getting annoying because I'm spinning my wheels trying to figure out what is going on.

Is it something wrong with my computer or the site?

I tried loading it on another computer in another place but had no success. The sites seem to be down for me.

When I asked on another forum, someone gave me this:
(username= public password= public)

I have no clue what that means though.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.

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I don't see the edit feature anymore, so sorry for the double post. I was doing some more investigation.

Is it a Milwaukee problem? I noticed on that site all cognet and level3 are rated NA as far as their activity goes.

Is that what photobucket uses or is that the only service available in that area?

I'm getting tired of the cannot find server errors and feeling powerless about having nothing to do about it.


Boy that sucks. Based on that article, it looks like I'm going to be stuck without my favorite sites for a _long_ time.

Deviant Art is one of my favorite places to hang out too. I can hardly live without sharing my art. Well maybe I can, but still it's irritating. Oh well. At least today the error was different. (I use both Firefox and ie)

Yesterday I was getting "www.photobucket.com could not be found" now I'm getting it hanging on "connecting to www.photobucket.com" with a "operation timed out when trying to connect to www.photobucket.com" message at the end.

My Deviant Art link is telling me it can't be found though. No progress there.

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