these are my resolutions:

  • Less Games
  • More Coding
  • I will learn how to code in standards
  • I will learn more about cURL, Jquery and LOTS of new technology in Web Development
  • I will learn JAVA programming and replace VB as my software Primary Language
  • I will continue developing my projects and sites
  • and lastly, I will finish my Thesis and,

so, what's your new years resolutions guys? ;)

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My best wishes :)
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1. I will not make promises i cannot keep, so no resolutions this year
2. Doh!

very unique :))


ONE of my resolutions:

Stop being online so much. I'm gonna be a real boy one day and have a real life with real friends. It's a toughie, but I reckon I can wean myself off DW bit by bit...


For a moment then I thought DW = Davey Winder and I got just a little bit worried. Not that you would be weaning yourself off of me, but rather that you had got so attached in the first place...


Whoooaaa! Could be a Brokeback Mountain moment? More like Brokenprops Mounting! :)

Urghh. I feel quite sick now... No offense...


my new year's resolution is to work hard and earn a lot of money becasue recently there is a Serious price rise my current salary is not enough


I have found this interesting thread Here.

Happy new year all! With the new year comes a chance to re-invent yourself, and as a software developer I find that it is a great opportunity to reflect on how I can improve my skills in the upcoming months. I have thought about this quite a bit over the last few days and have come up with a list of new years resolutions I intend to follow that will help me, and hopefully others, start the new year off on the right foot.

It covers a lot about what we do in real life with some nice resolutions. My problem however is to stick to those awesome brainwaves I had on old years eve through the mists of alcohol etc.:)

I think I'll go with Ancients motto, and try and stay alive until 2012.;)

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hahaha I totally agree with you! xD

My awesome electrons powered resolution generated by my big fat awesomely cool brain is:
Get more presents than last year.
I only got 10 pounds(GBP) this year :(
Do my homework and not get carried away by Java.
Complete my plan to make an semi-awesome Java app that will listen to your brain to see if you want ice-cream.


Finish my SDL Game of Life program.

Install Slackware on my tower PC.

Ditch Ubuntu and get Slackware on my Netbook.

Learn to use blender.

Set up a LAN between two @%#& Windows computers. (This is much harder than it should be! )


Complete my plan to make an semi-awesome Java app that will listen to your brain to see if you want ice-cream.



1.) No more eating fatty foods <Must avoid!>
2.) Drink Tea everyday
3.) More power on studying C++
4.) Continue studying Ruby
5.) Eat Rice gruel everyday
6.) Same with those people who said "Stay alive 'till 2012" xD

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