Back in 2004, I started a 2 year college course. This course was Btec National Diploma for IT Practitioners. That course is a level 3 qualification in computing (in case the course title wasn't obvious enough). I finished the course and passed, being the 4th best in the class.

Today, I start a new course which is part time. This is a Comptia A+ course which is a level 2 qualification in computing.

Does anyone see the problem here?

Yep, I'm going on a course which is a level lower than a qualification I obtained 5 years ago. I have tried explaining to the people sending me on this course that it's pointless as I already have a higher qualification in the same field but they just won't listen.

Can any of you think of an advantage of going on a lower level course than my current qualification in the same subject?

None. Maybe you should volunteer to teach or tutor that course.

The tutor probably teaches higher levels too. There's a possibility that the tutor will be one of the lecturers that originally taught me.

The tutor was my old Computer Systems and Network Systems lecturer. The introduction was done by the department head who was the department head back when I was in college and he also taught me C++ programming. When he saw me in there he thought it was pointless.

I mis-read your post when I last read it. I thought you said that I should "teach the tutor of that course" not "teach or tutor that course" for some reason. I would love to teach IT but I'm not a qualified teacher/tutor/lecturer and because it's a course with an award at the end, the tutor must be qualified by law. If I could afford it, I would go on a course to become a qualified teacher but it's very expensive.

Next time I go in, I'm going to see if I can catch Mark (the department head) and see if he knows of a way I could become a teacher.