i had just opened my facebook account and read a page of a friend. it's all about the beginning of the end of facebook!woohh!! it is quite intriguing because people are using facebook widely!it is indeed very helpful for me to update my friends and families,,especially, to my crushysss!!:icon_redface::icon_redface::icon_redface::icon_lol::icon_lol: (the redface is much amusing!!!!!!!!!!!hahaahha)

does amyone of you know the story about it???

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Totally spam/malware. It was posted on quite a few sites during the past few days. Seems that we were not the only ones getting the flack.;)


.... Don't believe everything you read!

god is real.

So are saying God is real, or isn't - because I have to question everything you say now, after your statement(even the statement itself, as a double negative)?

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