Hello All,

My name is Artie77 and I am an apiring geek....just wanted to say hello to the DaniWeb Community...I hope to one day be a major contributor to this forum and I hope that I can draw on your knowledge to become the best possible developer I can be and not be just a sponge of knowledge all the time.

What do you guys/ gals...recommend in terms of breaking into the database management/ development field. i.e. MYSQL, MS SQL..I know that there is a difference in the two as far as one being open source and the other sort of black box....but in principle they are somewhat the same....I would really like to make an aggressive move to RDMS's any suggestions on the most effective and productive way to do this...I graduated from NU with my bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2007 and I feel I am coming to the end of my rope in my current position. Any advice would be GREAT!!!...Thanks peeps...

You need to learn SQL and become intimately familiar with all the major databases, such as Microft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and Sybase. You will have to know how to create datases, design them, how to use schemas, how to manage databases. Here is a wiki article that gives much more detailed information.

You might even want to go back to college and get another bachelors degree in CS.