My favourite cartoon. Hmm. The Adventures of Jonny Quest as well as The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. I like the character Jonny Quest. That was my I.T. booster in the mid-90s for me. :)

Master Shake! funniest smartass cartoon character i ever seen.

From Tom & Jerry, only TOM .. I hate Jerry!
Shanks and Luffy, from One Piece
and Naruto ofcourse ^.^

enough for now -_-

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Mickey mouse, Donald duck, Dora

I was a fan of the "little dog" from 2 stupid dogs lol. Nowadays Mordecai from The Regular Show really tops my list.

tom and jerry , popoye , swat cats , road runner , superman , batman , spiderman , scooby doo , bugs bunny , justice league , pokeman , power rangers - SPD , mystic league , ninja force , jackie chan adventures , bey blade , dora , barbie , cindrella , alice in wonderland

I love high speed, i will go with peter pan.

Naruto , Tom, Captain Planet, Micky Mouse,Scrooge McDuck and Webby (Duck Tales) ,Aang (Avatar-The last air bender), and many more :) I love cartoons

i like Swatt cats and pink penther

Tom & Jerry USED to be my favorite one but no probably Sponge Bob. He is awesome!

Penelope Pitstop (From Wacky Races), Woody Woodpecker, Top Cat and I have to agree with Bugs Bunny.