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how about Lord Bath


This guys clothes give Joseph's Technicolour Dream Coat a run for it's money.

And he has a big Stately Home with a wildlife park in the gardens.

Check out the Longleat link for a Great day out in the UK, (never been, but want to some day).


i reckon its has to be one of those movie director/philosphers who tries to understand people. may be the most eccentric person is too eccentric to come up with anythig useful and so unheard of.


What's considered excentric changes over time. An 18th century dandy might fit right into polite early 20th century society for example.
And if you were to walk around today in a Roman style toga you'd be considered more than a little bit excentric (outside an SCA meeting at least) while in Rome 2000 years ago you'd have been wearing the height of fashion.

Myself, I prefer to not wear shoes if I can avoid it. People don't seem to mind but you get some weird looks (and questions if you're not cold) when temperatures drop to below 25C :)
Yet in the 1960s and early '70s noone thought twice about it, and in many parts of the world it's quite normal (Australia, Hawaii, South Africa, parts of the US, and of course most of Africa and large parts of Asia).
To quote one author "2/5 of the population take off their shoes whenever they can, while 3/5 suffer in silence"...

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