<body background="http://www.myspacegeek.net/graphics/backgrounds/9/red-heart.gif">
<center><h1><font face="papyrus" color="aqua">Hi guyz!!! admins and hi folks!, I'm the newest member of your group and in fact this is my first.</center></font></h1>
<center><h1><font face="papyrus" color="pink">A pleasant day to all of you!</center></font></h1>

<center><h3><font face="papyrus" color="white">Name: Antonio Ones<br></center></font></h3>
<center><h3><font face="papyrus" color="white">Nickname: anton or tonio<br> </center></font></h3>
<center><h3><font face="papyrus" color="white">Height: 5'4''<br></center></font></h3>
<center><h3><font face="papyrus" color="white">Weight: 50<br></center></font></h3>
<center><h3><font face="papyrus" color="white">Sex: Male<br></center></font></h3>
<center><h3><font face="papyrus" color="white">Hair: black<br></center></font></h3>
<center><h3><font face="papyrus" color="white">Eyes: Brown<br></center></font></h3>
<center><h3><font face="papyrus" color="white">Location: Philippines<br></center></font></h3>
<center><h3><font face="papyrus" color="white">Nationality: Filipino<br></center></font></h3>
<center><h3><font face="papyrus" color="white">Age: 16<br></center></font></h3>

<center><h3><font face="papyrus" color="white">Hobbies: Editing my pics, listening to music, going out with my family and friends.<br></center></font></h3>

<center><h3><font face="papyrus" color="white">Education: I'm still a Student and i'm incoming to become a worlds greatest famous programmer, hope so but i will! and i must! :-)<br></center></font></h3>

<center><h3><font face="papyrus" color="white">Stuff you Dislike: Smoking near me so when you smoke, [keep distance]! people who has a bad temper at all times, loud and irritating.<br></center></font></h3>


can som1 teach me on how to put this into a link and so that u can see how it looks..>? thnx! admins!

Welcome to Daniweb.:)

I've asked the mods to have a look...

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can som1 teach me on how to put this into a link and so that u can see how it looks..>? thnx! admins!

Hi hellB0y, welcome to Daniweb. :)

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