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I've applied for grad school this coming Fall and would like to get your opinions on it. I'm currently working full-time at a software engineering company, and will be taking one to two classes per semester. Has anyone gone through a similar experience while working in the field? Was it difficult? Was it worth it?

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I didn't, but my boss did -- he got an MBA. Was it worth it? Definitely -- opened many doors for supervisory and department head positions, not to mention more $$$.

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>he got an MBA.
Would you suggest this over a professional masters in software? I really don't want to be in a managerial role to the point that I'm not touching the code on a day to day basis. Ideally, I'd love to get into research eventually - but without a PHD, I'm not sure how realistic that is.


The kind of Master's degree would be up to you -- get one in CS if that's what you want. Microsoft probably has lots of positions for people with masters and Ph.D.

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