My name is Jonathan, but every one calls me Doc, Doctor, or Tobbagan. Doctor Tobbagan is my XBL name, and I play an obscene amount of video games with my friends. Mostly Bad Company 2 at the moment, mostly because we are naturally tactical.

I have been around computers most of my life. I helped my father install programs and printers, and helped my mom set up her network when they started their own company in 1993. It wasn't a big deal really, just a few nodes. Went on to mess with special software and hardware designed for environmental systems calibration when I was 16, and was assisting in troubleshooting critical systems for Centeon Pharmaceuticals by the age of 19.

By 21, I was interested in music, and started engineering my own music with my computer. Learned a bit about MIDI, multi-track sequencers, and graphics (I had a triple screen setup). I spent hours configuring my setup in order to produce the maximum performance on the most basic computer componants I could find.

Got married, had a kid, got divorced, got crappy jobs and now....

I am about to finish getting my associates in Introductory IT (Thats what I call it - that and a waste of money), and I realize that I know very little of the field I am studying. There is so much in the computing field, and that could not be more awesome. I don't think my school is giving me everything I think they can. So I would like to hang out with you folks a while.

Since I am still kinda new to the industry and such, I will probably be asking tons of questions all over the place. Bear with me, I'll catch up. I can as professional as the best of them, but I like to keep cool and informal. I am not a troll, or start any problems or anything.

I am cool. You'll find out. ;)

Welcome to Daniweb Jonathan. We'll see you around.:)