I personaly have a ps3 and its great i just wanted to know if i made a mistake

I recently bought a Playstation 3. I haven't regretted the decision even once. I chose the PS3 based on the fact that it can play Bluray and DVD movies in addition to streaming video and playing games. I only casually play games, so the available games didn't play a huge role in my decision, but regardless there aren't any games for Xbox that I would play that aren't also available for the PS3. The Wii I didn't even consider due to lack of games that interest me and lack of ability to play disc-based movies.

PS3 is nice, very nice. It would be my second choice though. Although PS3 doubles as a blu-ray player still I find the games and especially the community, not to mention Kinect on Xbox make it a better console. For me, there is also the tremedous added value and functionality I get from the Xbox Media Center extender. I run a Windows 7 Media Center PC, plus I have a Windows Home Server. I have two xboxes and I use them both more as a Media Center extender than I do for gaming. Nothing comes close.

We have both here, and the Xbox gets used every day while the PS3 gets used only when someone fancies taking a break from Halo Reach, Black Ops or Dead Rising 2 and play Little Big Planet or watch a Blu-ray movie. Indeed, I tend to think of the PS3 as our Blu-ray player rather than a games console these days. The Xbox has by far the better (from the perspective of our family at least) games selection, online gameplay, online community and, of course, Kinect...

I used to always have a PS when i was younger, but converted to PC gaming and found that much better. Now i only really play xbox360 which i bought in March last year, mainly because most of my friends had one but i do enjoy it. Overall, PS3 is probably more of a stable and professional console but xbox tends to be more popular. Personally out of the two i now prefer xbox but i'd rather do PC gaming than either of them as it is much more competitive, openly modded and graphically superior, but i can't afford to upgrade my PC! aha

i agree with BenzZz, nothing beats PC gaming (for most genres) especially FPS.

Depends on the PC, I bet you wouldn't like it on my netbook... :)

A netbook is not a PC, it's a speed bump (or sleeping policeman in your neck of the woods, Davey) with some tech inside.

Who cares if Xbox got Kinect? That is the worse way to play I've ever saw. I really think that PS3 is better in all ways, but I don't to start a flamewar here. So I just voted and kept with PS3.