Hi guys,
My name is Ivan (yes, European name lol). I am new to Daniweb. Just registered and look forward to contribute and learn.

About me: I do business development for TeamWork Go! - leadership training and team building company based in Canada & California.

Here are my reasons for being here:
- I am looking to learn form other online marketers, as part of my role is assisting our online marketing folks
- network and connect with affiliates and resellers that are interested in marketing our affiliate program (you can signup with IdeaMama Ad Network, they manage our program and we generously pay to both).

Btw, can anybody help me to understand why my signature doesn't appear?
Is there any post requirements or membership duration that needs to be passed?

Thank to all!


Hi and welcome. Your signature does appear. I see it ... links to TeamWork Go! and Affiliates signup.