I'm new here, and as mentioned, I'm starting to learn to work in FLASH. My background is VB6. I'm mainly using books to learn FLASH, but would love to occasionally have someone live to glance at what I've created, and point out what would work better, or have I tried to do this or that?

I do have a website at [snip] in which one can see photos of the northwest, and also old China. I also have many software programs for free download. Most of them are designed to help math students, by creating problems for them and scoring their answers. The programs are written in VB6.

I can also be reached at [snip]. In terms of learning FLASH, I'm very much in the novice category.


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Welcome to Daniweb.:)

We'll see you around flash and VB6. You will notice that your links has been snipped, all about rules and regulations. You can catch up on our posting rules here.;)

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