Hi Everyone,
I am new to this forum and find it interesting being here. I am a developer not an expert one but love developing applications and websites especially in using C# .Net. I am doing a number of projects for my college and currently working a new informative blog [snipped].

I am also head of the team of Developers and Designers of the Local User Group and one other community.

I am here to learn different approaches and solutions to a single result. I hope I will find a number of good programmers here which can help me in any kind of problem regarding C# or other programming language.

Thanks Daniweb for this great Forum.


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Hi All,

I am new to this forum. I hope that I will get great information here and also will able to share my ideas.


Hey Everybody.. Its nice to be with the creative minds on one platform. I am a Software Developer and Web Developer in ASP.net and C#.net . I am not so expert in these areas, but i like to develop more creative apps using .net. Currently doing a project on Online Management System in ASP.net. Hope we all buddies gain & explore our knowledge.


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